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Phoenix Rising Masonic Lodge No. 178

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Our Address:
1380 East Highland Avenue
San Bernardino, CA 92404

(909) 474 – 9514



Thank you for your interest in Freemasonry. You are gladly welcome to stop by our lodge, take a tour and meet our brothers. Every first Thursday between 5 and 7 PM we are open to new applicants.
Ask and you will receive are not idle words within Freemasonry. By clicking on the link to download an application you are asking. Keep in mind two brothers from this lodge will have to sign off on your petition. It may take several visits to our lodge to get to know the brothers before they may sign off on your petition.
Phoenix Rising Masonic Lodge #178

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San Bernardino Masonic Lodge No. 178

San Bernardino Masonic Lodge No. 178

(909) 474 – 9514

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